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Angels of Health
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What we do

We start by taking a Biowell scan to access stress and energy levels.

Biowell scans all 10 of your fingers and renders an extraordinary report based on Chinese medicine - corresponding Meridians,  and even ones state of balance “chakra”

Biowell is approved as a medical device in Europe but only has approval as a wellness device in the USA.  More than 20 years of clinical studies with 1000’s of patients.

After the scan

We review summary of a 35 page report with information on every major organ, the respatory system, endocrine , circularatory and more. 

During those 20 minutes we work on the energy pathways throughout the body igniting the energetic health of the body corresponding to the meridians initially prescribed.

My specialties are the following

  • Money, Debt , Budg1. Money, Debt , Budgeting amd problem solving. Mediation & Binding Arbitration

  • Superior way of living body , mind and soul. Prepare you for success.

  • Food & Diet (animal products included)

  • Eating disorders

  • Addiction and Abuse

  • Exercise and Yoga

  • Breathing and Meditation

  • Education (science based)

  • Relationships and Work

  • Anxiety and Depression

  • Overcoming Obstacles

  • Self Confidence - Positive Character traits

  • Physical pain and the emotionally attachment 

My specialties are the following

We will work together to enhance your mental and phyisical capabilities resulting in a happier more productive life. 

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