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Graceful Age Yoga
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Friday, July 26 2019
Angels of Health 911

Making house calls for those suffering severe physical or emotional pain.

CALL NORMAN BALASSIANO: 732-284-3029 (Deal NJ only)
There is NO charge for this service

Not everyone will be candidate. Call me to discuss the situation.

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Friday, July 26 2019
Quote July 26th

"Love can make you happier than you've ever been  sadder or angrier. Love outlives hatred"

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Thursday, July 25 2019
Quote July 25th

"Someone say if it doesn't kill you it makes you stronger. I say if something doesn't kill you, you made it! You are strong enough to deal with it."

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Sunday, July 14 2019
Quote July 14th

"What about try something out of the norm this weekend!"


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Saturday, July 13 2019
Quote July 13th

"If you go of your way for someone, you will find that no one will stand in your way"

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Wednesday, July 10 2019
Quote July 10th

“If you reach out to someone in need before they reach out to you, you may create angels to watch over you."

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Sunday, July 07 2019
Quote July 7th

“Truth is in the eye of the truth-holder. My truth and your truth may be totally different. The happier one is the holder of the truth.”

Norman Balassiano

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Friday, July 05 2019
Quote July 5th
“While we can harm one another, the Creator designated humans and animals to heal humans and animals. The challenge is to find a healing human being and keep your distance from the snake.”
Norman Balassiano
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Friday, June 21 2019
Shifra Eigeer energy measurements

Organs energy - head
Organs energy - Digestive system
Energy diagram
Yin Yang

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Thursday, June 20 2019
Ondamed device
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Thursday, June 20 2019
Energy scan analysis
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Thursday, June 20 2019
Snapshot of the energetic state of organs
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Wednesday, June 12 2019
The Power of Living Foods

Hippocrates teaches us the benefits of an organic, vegan ‘Living Foods’ diet, which offers the highest protein, vitamin and mineral content, as well as essential fatty acids, of any food on earth. 

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Wednesday, May 08 2019
The 10 Commandments of Food Combining & Dining

Did you know that there are certain foods that will benefit you greater and also some that will not serve you when eaten in combination? Welcome to food combining! This methodology is one that we practice at Hippocrates Health Institute so that we can achieve the greatest and most nourishing benefits from our food. We hope these simple 10 steps benefit you on your road to health and wellness. In our Life Transformation Program at Hippocrates we take time to really explore the “why” behind these guides. As with many things, these are not doctrine, but rather some steps to set you down the right path!

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Sunday, April 28 2019
Angels of Health

Angels of Health
Norman Balassiano

Weitght loss, stress reduction, mental and spiritual wellness


  • Private yoga classes
  • Meditation
  • Breathing excersises 
  • Purification of the senses
  • Reiki healing for pain and depression
  • Advanced Balancing Techniques


  • Loss weight 
  • Bosst energy
  • Relieve pain
  • Boost metabolism
  • Stress reduction
  • Achieve maximum flexibility
  • Physical & sensory detox
  • Develop Stregnth and mobility
  • Rejuvenation of the senses
  • Detox mind, body and spirit

Norman Balassiano has over 25 years of social services experience

  • Certified Yoga Teacher
  • Yoga Therapist
  • Yoga for Seniors
  • Plant Based Nutricionist
  • Reiki Healing

Call or email to set up a consultation


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Tuesday, April 23 2019
Angels of Health & Hippocrates
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Monday, April 15 2019
Life Coaches: Could You Be One?

How To Recognize Your Innate Ability To Improve Other People’s Lives.

When winter drags on, we can all teel the seasonal blues. But a life coach —a person that’s equally intuitive, emphatic, positive, and strategic about another person’s life— can help pull people out of negative mindset and spread lasting cheer.

Luckily, a lot of people have natural coaching capabilities, for example, anyone inherently positive and non-judgmental might have the ability to make people feel comfortable just by talking to them —even in the most high-stress situations. It’s a matter of recognizing your innate abilities—  and deciding what to do with them.

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Monday, April 15 2019
Abundant Thinking

With abundant thinking, we remind ourselves that we really don’t deserve anything more or better. By creating the mindset that overabundance is nice, but at the same token understanding you already have what you need, you will eliminate the stress of trying to obtain the overabundance.

When that stress is removed you have a better chance of actually obtaining the things you really don’t even need and will appreciate it so much more!

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Monday, April 15 2019
The Here & Now

There is plenty happening around us that we can’t see, but this constant flow of energy affects everything we do and feel. G-d is in charge of influencing our world. But He does give us free will. On the individual level, we have the ability to influence others—by sharing our positive, sincere energy with those who need it most.

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Monday, April 15 2019
Kindness is a Daily Requirement

Kindness is a daily requirement. It is an unlimited obligation – which means it is a lifelong daily practice and is manifested in the act of giving. This manifestation expands across a wide area of our lives and relationships. It creates the desire to give charity, love, and respect, regardless of the other person’s situation.

Want to live a better life? Make an effort to be compassionate. Do so not just by giving charity, but by giving of yourself, your love, and your labor.

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