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Wednesday, July 26 2017
Angels of Health 911

Making house calls for those suffering severe physical or emotional pain.

CALL NORMAN BALASSIANO: 732-284-3029 (Deal NJ only)
There is NO charge for this service

Not everyone will be candidate. Call me to discuss the situation.

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Wednesday, July 26 2017
Quote July 26th

"Love can make you happier than you've ever been  sadder or angrier. Love outlives hatred"

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Tuesday, July 25 2017
Quote July 25th

"Someone say if it doesn't kill you it makes you stronger. I say if something doesn't kill you, you made it! You are strong enough to deal with it."

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Friday, July 14 2017
Quote July 14th

"What about try something out of the norm this weekend!"


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Thursday, July 13 2017
Quote July 13th

"If you go of your way for someone, you will find that no one will stand in your way"

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Monday, July 10 2017
Quote July 10th

“If you reach out to someone in need before they reach out to you, you may create angels to watch over you."

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Friday, July 07 2017
Quote July 7th

“Truth is in the eye of the truth-holder. My truth and your truth may be totally different. The happier one is the holder of the truth.”

Norman Balassiano

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Wednesday, July 05 2017
Quote July 5th
“While we can harm one another, the Creator designated humans and animals to heal humans and animals. The challenge is to find a healing human being and keep your distance from the snake.”
Norman Balassiano
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    Angels of Health
    1994 Coney Island Ave
    Brooklyn NY 11223

    Norman Balassiano

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