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Tuesday, December 10 2019
Why is alkalinity important?

Why is osteoporosis promoted by eating acidic foods?
Why is acidity harmful in your body?
Which foods are the most acidic versus most alkaline?
Why does consuming a large amount of dairy do nothing to prevent osteoporosis?
What is the real cause of osteoporosis and how do you reverse the condition through dietary change?
How do we accurately test our pH levels?
How does our overconsumption of meat and grains result in an overly acidic body?

We can begin to appreciate the crucial importance of alkalinity in the cells of the body, once we recognize that each cell operates very similar to the battery in your car. Your car’s battery stops working when there is no longer an opposite polarity created with one side producing a positive charge, and one side producing a negative charge. If that clear distinction is lost, the spark that operates your battery can’t jump from one side to the other, and the battery dies. Likewise, the cells of your body collect toxins and become unhealthy when the opposite polarity is lost. A bloodstream with the optimal acid/alkaline balance feeds cells ensuring their optimal acid/alkaline balance, and this results in cells with a potential for maximum energy flow and minimal toxicity. On the other hand, if the bloodstream doesn’t have the proper acid/alkaline balance, toxins collect in the cells, energy flow within the cell is blocked and weakened, and sick cells create a weakened, sick body.

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