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Tuesday, December 10 2019
Do you have an addiction?

Food is the earliest addiction, the basic prejudice, starting with the newborn’s first mouthful. Food is more controversial than sex, politics, religion, or drugs. Many people feel that their lifestyle is questioned and discredited if you refuse, on philosophical grounds, to eat certain foods at their home.
People generally have no instinctual or rational basis for their diet; as a result, they can become very emotional about it. The average person has no idea what natural food is, or how to maintain good health. Doctors know a great deal about disease, but very little about health-promoting nutrition.”
The above quote from Viktoras Kulvinskas claims that we can become very emotional about our food choices. Perhaps the major reason is that we expect the food to compensate for the emptiness we feel inside because of our separation from spirit. We try to distract ourselves from the pain resulting from this separation, which is actually a separation from the experience of love. The pattern is set in infancy when we are taught that candy, cookies, and ice cream mean love. Our craving for love is soon replaced by these symbolic stand-ins.
The addiction stemming originally from a psychological and spiritual need now becomes reinforced by disturbed blood chemistry and inadequate nutrition, as an actual physiological need. Once we have imbalanced blood chemistry and a body that is not getting enough nutrition, we can no longer trust the feedback of our natural instincts.

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