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Tuesday, December 10 2019
Alkalinity: what to eat?

Dr. Young’s excellent book, The pH Miracle, clarifies for us the acidic or alkaline effect on the body produced by a large variety of foods. Most vegetables and low-sugar fruits have an alkaline effect on the body. These include: peas, asparagus, artichokes, comfrey, green cabbage, lettuce, onion, cauliflower, white radish, rutabaga, white cabbage, savoy cabbage, kohlrabi, zucchini, red cabbage, rhubarb, horseradish, leeks, watercress, spinach, turnip, lime, chives, carrots, lemon, French cut beans, red beets, sorrel, garlic, celery, tomato, endive, avocado, red radish, cayenne pepper, dandelion, Kamut grass, barley grass, soy sprouts, chia seeds, alfalfa, wheatgrass.
Several kinds of nuts and seeds are alkaline. These include almonds, soy nuts, sesame seeds, etc. Among alkaline producing fats are olive oil, flax seed oil, and coconut. Most grains and legumes (i.e. beans) are slightly acidic, which means they should be eaten in moderation, but are still part of a healthy diet. These include brown rice, wheat, buckwheat groats, millet, lentils, tofu, lima beans, white beans, etc.
Almost all meat products, poultry, fish that isn’t freshwater fish, white breads, peanuts, cashews, pistachios, all cheeses, and milk products, all forms of sugar, all condiments such as vinegar, soy sauce, mustard, mayonnaise, and ketchup, as well as most beverages, such as beer, coffee, wine, or fruit juice, are so high in acidity that they can’t be balanced, and should, as a rule, be avoided if one is facing health challenges.
In addition to diet, the quality and quantity of the water we drink is a major component in creating the optimal acid/alkaline balance, since our bodies are almost 70 percent water, and our brains are 90 percent. There is now new technology, as described in Chapter 2, which ensures that our water has the highest alkalinity.
Of course, the foods we eat are only part of the story. The idea that our emotional state, or our choice of activities, could affect one’s pH, making it more or less acidic, was considered quite a controversial theory. This is no longer the case. There is now overwhelming scientific evidence that achieving a state of consciousness commonly associated with a spiritual outlook on life is very beneficial to one’s health. Alkaline forming activities include moderate sunshine, rest/sleep, deep breathing, fasting and under-eating, relaxation, soothing music, laughter, emotional release processes, self-esteem. Not surprisingly, acidic forming activities include lack of rest, overeating, stress, noise, anger, denial, confusion and fear.

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