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Tuesday, December 10 2019
Alkalinity: Will you be happy?

As long as we keep our bodies acidic and addicted, we will experience the negative effects of a toxic body as the norm, and the drug companies selling us their antacids and poisonous chemicals will be happy, but the important question is, “Will you be happy?”
In summary, many addicted individuals don’t realize that human beings only experience addictions when the body is acidic, and there is a chemical imbalance present. The Hippocrates Institute has seen the demonstration of this truth time and time again. Its program, when followed faithfully, results in alkalizing the body and restoring its chemical balance, and it has been observed as a side benefit, that it frees one from the slavery to cravings and addictions.
However, one must be patient and allow the alkalinizing process enough time to achieve its optimal results. Not being informed about what to expect during this process often interferes with this patience, for the withdrawal symptoms that arise can lead to discouragement. All of the symptoms of detoxification may arise, and the most distressing symptom is craving for the very substance to which one has been addicted. As a result, there is motivation to rationalize, again, choosing the addictive behavior, and this only compounds the discouragement.
If we are prepared for the emotional and mental changes, which accompany alkalizing the body, then we can “weather the storm.” Keep your eyes on the prize, and a new “you” will emerge, free not only from addictive behaviors but, most importantly, free from addictive emotions and addictive mind patterns. Then you will know true power, true self-esteem, and true happiness.

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