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Tuesday, December 10 2019

We developed a one of a kind four phase weight loss protocol utilizing two powerful technologies. We combine Electro-Photonic scanning Imaging resulting in real time feedback of ones energetic state of health, stress, energy and overall balance.

Weight Optimization Protocol:
- Speeds the metabolism
- Promotes weight loss
- Reduce Candida Albicans and related sugar addictions.
- Detoxification to support weight lose
- Lose inches off all face, waist, hips buttock
- Glowing skin tone
- Cardio Wellness
- Combats food addiction and addictive behavior
- Inflammation and bloating
- Revitalization Allergies
- Detox physically, mentally, and emotionally

A remote healing treatment works in a similar way as an in-person healing session. The treatment can last up to an hour but usually is given during shorter 20 minute sessions. At an agreed time the client relaxes in a comfortable position where they won’t be disturbed and practices meditating or becoming still. Often people experience similar sensations during the treatment such as feelings of heat or coolness or tingling. Others report feelings of deep relaxation and peace. After the healing feedback is given by email or phone reporting on the healing session and offering guidance and advice when relevant.

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