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Wednesday, April 10 2019
No More Excuses, The Secret To A Happier, Healthier Life Is Right In Front of You

How to Fully Commit To Your Wellness Journey 

What if I told you that. I knew the secret to looking younger, feeling better, and living longer—and I'm willing to share that secret with you free of charge—you'd be interested, right? 

The secret I'm talking about is actually no secret at all. By purifying the senses—eating clean healthy food, exercising regularly, eliminating unnecessary stressors—the average person can improve their quality of life in remarkable ways. 

I have been practicing this sort of healthy, balanced lifestyle for years now, and it's hard for me to even put into words the benefits I'm enjoying—and I'm talking about more than just the number on the scale. 

Time is moving forward, but I look younger than I did 10 years ago. My senses are heightened—I'm experiencing life and all it has to offer in new ways. I'm even connecting with others on a deeper, more spiritual level—all thanks to a few key lifestyle choices. 

Making Your Health A Priority I want others to experience the same results. At my company, Angels of Health, our main goal is to share this life-changing knowledge, and its benefits, with others. As a member of Angels of Health, I can't imagine living any other way. And that's why I am so struck by the number of people who drag their feet or refuse to put their health first. As far as excuses go, I've heard them all "I have to get toy fife back on track first." "I'll start after the holidays."I'm going on vacation and I want to indulge." 

My other company, Angels of Debt, helps people resolve financial problems. I've worked with countless members of the community as they struggled with debt or paying their mortgage. And what I saw was that people would drop everything, and focus all their efforts and energy on resolving their financial crises. Their health was never a priority and they suffered for it. How backward is it that we think a home or property is more important than our own wellbeing, personal vibrancy, and bodily self-image? The truth is, we are so much better prepared to face our problems when we are physical, spiritually, and mentally strong. 

Resetting The System and Purifying Your Senses 
With that said, I have found that in order to truly transform your life and health, you need to be dedicated to the journey. You need to completely reset your system and purify your senses. But once you do—your excuses will disappear. Now, it's not uncommon to feel sluggish, stagnant, or stuck—specially during the winter months or when you're dealing with other problems. You may not know where to begin. My advice: pray. Go out of your way to do good (positive feedback makes the body feel good). Get a good night's rest. And that dive in with the following steps. 

Eat clean. 
If you had a beautiful new home, you wouldn't want to furnish it with junk you found on the street, would you? Try to think of your body the same way. Prime your body with clean foods—no preservatives. Drink green juice every day (I don't use any fruits or sugars). Wheatgrass is your friend. 

If you're just starting out, I suggest shopping somewhere like Whole Foods—that way you'll know the food you're buying is on the healthier side. I also recommend adopting a modified vegan diet, where you enjoy a few pieces of meat on the weekends. Don't worry, your body will store all the vitamins and nutrients it needs for the week. Or 000 000 get your protein from high quality, plant-based protein powders with natural ingredients, but be sure to avoid the man-made protein powders they have in some stores—as they can be full of chemicals.

When you exercise, you feel good. It's only natural. Our ancestors needed to be constantly on the move otherwise they wouldn't eat—or they would be eaten! 

For that reason, I suggest exercising seven days a week. High-intensity cardio workouts and routines that require balance, like yoga, are great, but you can also take a long walk one or two days a week. The important thing is that you get your body moving. 

Take care of your body. 
Skip the coffee and get at least eight hours of sleep every day. If you can, try meditation—I do every day. It will help you practice mindfulness, relieve stress, and stay energized. Be sure to stay hydrated. 

Tune out negativity. 
Negative emotions create stressors in the body that make you feel poorly, and when you feel poorly, you're not motivated to take care of yourself. So avoid situations where you might bump into a person who will upset you. Surround yourself with positive people, instead of those who focus on gossip and putting others down. Avoid violent TV shows, movies, and even the news if something major happens, someone will tell you about it). Take some time to unplug from your phone, iPad, laptop, and social media. 

Stay in touch with friends, family, and Mother Nature.
Tune out negativity, and tune into the things that matter—good friends, family, and community. I've established something I call my "Express Hello System," where I call friends and family just to say "hi." The conversations last for 30 to 60 seconds, but we're both okay with it because we know it's an express hello! Even though I'm busy, I'm letting the people in my life know I'm thinking of them and that I care. 
When you're out in the world, try to stay in tune with nature. Pay attention to the trees, budding flowers, and the feel of the sun on your face. All of this will help you focus your senses and stay mindful. Also, if you focus on nature you never know what you may see 

Remember all those excuses I mentioned before? Forget about them! Do this for a week and I assure you will see a difference. Once your body adjusts to eating and living healthy, you won't want to go back. You'll be able to enjoy your holiday, your vacation, and your life without feeling tempted by unhealthy foods because your body won't crave them anymore. 

If you want to make a change, now—not tomorrow, not two months from now—is the time to do so. A happier, healthier life awaits! 

Norman Balassiano 

Norman Balassiano’s company Angels of Debt helps people resolve massive business debt. Angels of Health will try to accomplish the same with weight and stress control.

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