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Wednesday, April 10 2019
Debt, Sickness, and the Power of Listening

In my 12 years helping people get clear of debt, I met a lot of people with problems. Money problems, of course, but also pent-up worries that affected their health and happiness—trouble in their marriage, turbulence with their kids, and so forth. As I talked to them, looking for a way to solve their financial worries, I learned a skill that has been incredibly powerful in my mission to help people ever since.

I learned to listen. 

I don’t mean listening to their words (although of course, I do that, too). I mean listening to what goes unsaid: the hidden message behind the words, the emotions they can’t express, even and maybe especially to themselves. 

Before long, picking up on these things gave me a second set of eyes and ears. 

Now that I’ve shifted roles and become a healer, these extra senses are serving me well. Before I can perform Reiki or any of my other healing modalities, I first work to identify the source of their hurt. 

It’s almost spooky how easily I can figure what’s really going on with people. But of course, I would never abuse this—only use it for good.

Debt is Devastating—and So is Being Sick

Debt is devastating. For example, the mortgage crisis hurt so many people. I helped many of them overcome their debt during the recession. 

There are many other reasons why debt appears. Sometimes, it appears because people are up to no good. 

Sometimes, the reasons for this are relatively innocent. My clients would blame other people simply because they couldn’t face some difficult, devastating truth. I would get a sense that something was wrong just from talking to them, and noticing how they avoided eye contact or would look down when talking about a situation or person. After that, I was able to uncover the real issue. 

Sometimes, the reasons aren’t innocent at all. A few of the people that came to me ended up with real major problems, some sentences in prison. I could not help them no matter how much money was involved. For these people, my help and my healing is not effective and won't even work. 

The majority of the clients I helped get out of debt were simply out of options.

Out of Options, But Not Out of Time

The people who come to me for healing have exhausted their other options, too. They know they’re unwell, but the doctors they’ve seen can’t seem to help, no matter how many tests they run, how many medications they prescribe, and how many specialists they recommend. 

Say a person is left hurting from something other than physical trauma, without any idea why. 

That’s where listening comes in handy. Listening to a person’s body language tells me all I need to know what’s hurting them. I listen—and then, intuitively, I apply one of the many modalities I’m familiar with. 

For years, I’ve kept an open mind. I’ve gained a deep understanding of things that will sound like another language to most. I study human breath work regularly and have acquired a mastery in Reiki or energy work

For example, I know instinctively when people do not want to be touched because they feel too vulnerable. I know to ask questions that seem unrelated to their current situation, and to offer solutions that can seem a little crazy—but that work. I am now at a point where my healing is so intuitive that I do it with my eyes closed. I mean this literally: come see me, and you will see what I don't see. 

Balance, Imbalance, and Illness

Imagine using only your right arm for the rest of your life. It would probably throw your back out, overburden your hips, and give you a daily neck ache, particularly on the left side. You’d be in a lot of pain. 

In health as in finance, balance is everything. Debt stems from an imbalance of money and spending. And illness can come from an imbalance in self-care, in relationships, in love.  

A person who is perfectly balanced in life, mind, body, and soul, does not get sick. I have met people like this. I once met a man who felt no pain from my methods. Another, who was much bigger and more muscular, jumped and felt pain from the tiniest, most gentle touch!

The first man was mentally healthy, while the second was not. He had pain that he had bottled up and bottled up until it made him sick, and he needed help. 

This is why it’s so important to figure out the root cause of your pain. If you only treat the symptom, your imbalance is still there. You might get better, but then you’ll get sick again. Let’s get to the bottom of it, and heal you once and for all. 

Making Changes—and Making Peace

When I helped people to get out of debt, I offered two changes. One was a change that I made, like speaking to their creditors. The other was a change that they needed to make themselves. Sometimes, it would be as simple as to stop spending. But when their debt was caused by a deeper problem, the change I suggested could sometimes seem strange.

One man came to me with unmanageable debt, and I got the feeling from talking to him that he had a bad relationship with his father. I told him to call his father and make peace with him. He thought I was crazy—what did his father have to do with his debt? But I knew instinctively that his relationship with his father was having an impact on every aspect of his life, including his finances. 

And guess what? When he called his father, things did get better. It lifted a weight from his shoulders that made it possible for him to face other problems in his life, including his debt. He had been blaming his father for things for years, complaining about the man to anyone who would listen, and I helped him to purge that from his system because it was hurting him. He couldn’t heal until he was willing to stop hurting himself.

Finding a solution to my clients’ financial problems, however deep in debt they were, was always the easy part. The harder and most important part was figuring out how to make them happy and healthy in the long run. They wouldn’t always accept my strange solution at first, but when they did, they found it opened the door for more opportunities to make peace with people and restore balance to their lives.

I use the same approach in my healing. I offer two changes, and these changes are specific to a person’s pain. If their pain is caused solely by physical trauma, I can use my energy to help promote naturally accelerated healing. But if there is a deeper problem, I will attempt to help them fix that so that they can truly recover. 

Another example is a client who came to me with back pain. I sensed from talking to him that he was having issues with his wife. When I asked him, he agreed. In fact, his wife kept pushing him during their fights, and sometimes he fell. I knew that his back hurt because he had been pushed to the ground so many times and that his pain was both physical and psychological. So I used my worlds and my hands to help promote the healing—and sent him home to make peace. 

A Unique Approach to Healing

Listening, uncovering imbalances, making changes, and making peace. When all these pieces fall into place, you can move past whatever is blocking you from living a happy and healthy life. 

When I began, I had no idea what a powerful impact I could have on people’s lives by telling them to make peace. I spent 12 years helping people with both their healing and their debt (Angels of Debt), and hope to help people for many more. Now I have integrated healing into my new business (Angels of Health). Healing is my life’s calling, and I’m excited about helping many people regain their lives. 

Understanding why you’re hurting is the first step towards healing. If you’re in pain and you need effective support, let me know. I’d love to help

Norman Balassiano

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