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Monday, April 15 2019
The Great Balancing Act

Talk about the benefits of breathing, meditation, and how mindfulness can help you see problems through a new lens. Not only are breathing exercises great for your mental health and overall happiness; they can improve your physical well-being as well.

But what’s the ultimate goal of working these healthy habits into your daily routine? Why choose this route over, say, indulging in a few glasses of wine after a tough day or taking out your frustration on a punching bag? The answer: balance.

By creating balance in your body, you can improve natural functions, optimize healing, and focus your energy on positive thoughts and actions that lead to long-term wellness.


How To Start

To achieve balance, the best place to begin is your body’s five major systems. When you combine healthy habits with the right natural supplements, you can create synergy between these systems and help you maximize function.


The Immune System

Your immune system helps detoxify the body, fighting against illness, parasites, and more. By integrating natural Chinese herbs into your diet, you can reduce the risk of viral and bacterial infections. Quinary® supplement helps maintain health rather than waiting for the body to malfunction. It addresses the body’s systems collectively as well as individually.


The Digestive System

Improve your digestive tract function to alleviate abdominal discomfort. Organic products can normalize enzyme production and acid secretion, helping to reduce indigestion, constipation, heartburn, and more. VitaDophilus® supplement supplies a minimum of 20 million live culture bacteria to the body. This beneficial bacteria embeds itself in the walls of the intestines.


The Respiratory System

If you suffer from allergies or are susceptible to colds, the right supplements can protect you from chest and sinus infections. They can relieve everything from congestion to migraines, and keep your lungs healthy. Conco® supplement is designed to address the body’s respiratory system with “metal element” herbs that help balance the body with a combination of “warming” (cleansing, Yang energy) and “cooling” (nourishing, Yin energy) herbs.


The Circulatory System

By introducing natural supplements to your circulatory system, you can optimize oxygenation throughout your body—providing cells with the nutrients they need to produce energy. The benefits include lowering cholesterol, regulating your blood pressure, and strengthening your nervous system. Lifestream® supplement is designed to address the circulatory system with “water element” herbs that help promote balance and fluidity throughout the body. This formula enhances adequate movement of blood through the body, which is crucial to good health. Lifestream® is formulated based a unique combination of Eastern herbal tradition and Western science.


The Endocrine System

Your endocrine system affects how quickly you recover from injury and illness. Certain supplements can enhance your natural healing ability, increase energy levels, and regenerate adrenal, thyroid, and reproductive glands. With the right combination of meditation and nutrition, you can also improve your ability to handle stress. Prime Again® a supplement is designed to address the body’s endocrine system with “fire element” herbs that work in harmony with the body’s hormone-producing glands.


The Benefits of Synergy

When all of your body’s major systems are at the top of their game, you’ve reached peak wellness. You’ll feel better, smile more, and notice that you have more energy throughout the day.

As the founding Angel of Health, I offer recommendations based on the way I live my life—so every habit or product I suggest comes with a foundation of personal experience. My best tip for achieving balance is to fill your body with organic supplements and herbs. Eastern medicine seems to have the best handle on balance, with the goal of creating stability in our Chi, the universal life force energy that flows through everything.

While this energy binds us together, it’s important to remember that everybody is different. Nobody’s perfect, and we can all build a better version of ourselves. By trying something new, you may find the products and daily practices that achieve balance in your body and life. Once you find what works for you, there’s no limit to what you can do.

* Before taking any herbal supplements or Chinese herbs, speak with your doctor about possible drug interactions. Norman uses the supplements mentioned, but there are many others available from other companies. Most supplements are inherently kosher but may be prepared in a non-kosher way, so it’s best to buy a certified kosher brand. Look for a kosher symbol on the label.

Norman Balassiano’s company Angels of Debt helps people resolve massive business debt. Angels of Health will try to accomplish the same with weight loss and stress control.

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