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Monday, April 15 2019
The Here & Now

Energy is incredible. The energy we transmit to each other is so powerful that, over time, it manifests itself at a cellular level. This means that something that starts as spiritual or emotional can affect our physical condition.

Have you ever heard someone say, “Just thinking about it makes me sick,” about a broken heart, past failure or regret? Let’s say a man wakes up every morning with back pain and he’s miserable. He doesn’t want to go out to parties. He doesn’t want to visit family. Someone tells him to read a book by Dr. John Sarno about how back pain can be connected to repressed emotions, and the man feels enlightened. His back pain fades, but he realizes he’s still not happy.

While it’s important to understand that emotional distress can have physical side effects, worrying about pain from the past is not the answer. It’s helpful to acknowledge that we’re hanging onto old emotions, but when we focus our energy on what we can’t control, we prevent ourselves from being truly present.


Shifting Your Mindset

Focusing too much energy on the future can be just as dangerous as focusing the past. Worrying about what’s going to happen or what may happen stops you from living for now. The 2008 Jim Carrey movie Yes Man is a great example of how a simple change in mindset can create opportunities.

Carrey’s character began as someone who was hesitant and closed off. When he started saying “yes” to people, he opened himself up to receiving others’ energy— making friends, finding love, and exploring new experiences.

By directing your energy toward change, you can kick bad habits and take control of your life. Sometimes, a change as small as walking a different way to work can shift your mindset, or maybe even a vacation for a change of scenery. A clean slate works wonders for your mind.

So, be careful with what you allow yourself to feel or think. Doubt is toxic energy. If you’re setting goals, set ones that are realistic. Work toward something attainable and let positive energy build up over time. Say “when” instead of “if.” Be confident. Remember that failures are just temporary pit stops on the way to your ultimate goal—as long as you keep trying.


Living In the Moment

Yoga and meditation classes teach you to live in the moment.Think about nothing for an hour at a time—but if you do have to think about something, make it something that brings you joy. I believe effective meditation can unlock extraordinary abilities and senses, helping you to create your own destiny.

Recently, I dreamt about one of my friends. Two days later, he reached out to me and said he was thinking about calling me all week. I believe that, through meditation, I’ve become so perceptive of other people’s energy that I know when I’m on someone’s mind—even if I haven’t seen him in person. And very often, it’s when that person needs my advice.

Meditation is also a great way to give your mind a clean slate and open yourself up to positivity. When your body is free of toxic energy, you can find balance—complete happiness with living in the present—and making the present worthwhile.

There is plenty happening around us that we can’t see, but this constant flow of energy affects everything we do and feel. G-d is in charge of influencing our world. But He does give us free will. On the individual level, we have the ability to influence others—by sharing our positive, sincere energy with those who need it most.

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