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Monday, April 15 2019
Life Coaches: Could You Be One?

How To Recognize Your Innate Ability To Improve Other People’s Lives.

When winter drags on, we can all teel the seasonal blues. But a life coach —a person that’s equally intuitive, emphatic, positive, and strategic about another person’s life— can help pull people out of negative mindset and spread lasting cheer.

Luckily, a lot of people have natural coaching capabilities, for example, anyone inherently positive and non-judgmental might have the ability to make people feel comfortable just by talking to them —even in the most high-stress situations. It’s a matter of recognizing your innate abilities—  and deciding what to do with them.


Signs That You Could Be A Life Coach

Emotional intelligence is a must-have quality for life coaches. A perceptive person can see, hear, and feel others’ stress before it’s obvious —sometimes from a distance. You pick up easily on other people’s struggles— they tend to experience the stress as their own. You also have a hard time saying “no” to helping people, which can be dangerous if you’re not equipped to deal with their problems.

You experience extreme emotions. Being a life coach makes you sensitive. It’s very personal, and your peaks and valleys can feel like Everest and the Grand Canyon.

You participate in activities like Tai Chi and yoga, which are great ways to get in tune with your body’s energy.

You are a highly creative problem solver. Though a bit cliché, thinking outside the box is your strong suit. Sometimes, you can make a struggling friend feel better with only your words. Other times, it may take a brainstorming session —but you always come up with a remedy.

You need time to disconnect and recharge. Perhaps you do this through nature, or maybe you just need some alone time. The most effective and natural coaches usually take time to recover, emotionally and spiritually, from stressful social situations —often through meditation.

Strangers and animals are drawn to you. Simply put, you are an animal person. You find easy to connect with nature, and maybe you have a pet (or pets) of your own. 

Strangers see you as non-threatening and may start a conversation in the grocery store.

You feel the need to make peace with everyone. Life coaches don’t have the ability to hold grudges or act vengefully. You like to be at peace with everyone and everything.  You can’t stand to have unresolved issues. You dwell on them until they are resolved. 

You experience guilt out o compassion. Since you want people to feel safe and comfortable, you take responsibility for their perceived happiness. And if you don’t think they feel at ease, you tend to apologize —even when you’ve done nothing wrong.

You manifest problems before they happen. Coaches have an instinct that tells them when someone is going to come to them with a problem. It could be in the form of a dream, or it could be in an inexplicable gut feeling.

If you feel like I’m describing you, you are realizing your natural coaching ability, but that is only the first step. To take your ability for granted is not only unwise; it’s wasteful. You should use it to help others, you can make the world a better place —spreading happiness and positivity to combat the negativity that plagues our society.

You can start as small as boosting morale at work. Anybody who’s spent time with coworkers knows that some try to make the workplace more pleasant, while others pollute the work environment with negative attitudes. A life coach may take it up himself to create a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere for everyone.

If you think you’re a coach with innate abilities, who can help positively impact our community, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’d love to help you develop your abilities so we can change the world for the better —together.


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