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Tuesday, May 08 2018
The 10 Commandments of Food Combining & Dining

Did you know that there are certain foods that will benefit you greater and also some that will not serve you when eaten in combination? Welcome to food combining! This methodology is one that we practice at Hippocrates Health Institute so that we can achieve the greatest and most nourishing benefits from our food. We hope these simple 10 steps benefit you on your road to health and wellness. In our Life Transformation Program at Hippocrates we take time to really explore the “why” behind these guides. As with many things, these are not doctrine, but rather some steps to set you down the right path!

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Sunday, April 15 2018
Life Coaches: Could You Be One?

How To Recognize Your Innate Ability To Improve Other People’s Lives.

When winter drags on, we can all teel the seasonal blues. But a life coach —a person that’s equally intuitive, emphatic, positive, and strategic about another person’s life— can help pull people out of negative mindset and spread lasting cheer.

Luckily, a lot of people have natural coaching capabilities, for example, anyone inherently positive and non-judgmental might have the ability to make people feel comfortable just by talking to them —even in the most high-stress situations. It’s a matter of recognizing your innate abilities—  and deciding what to do with them.

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Sunday, April 15 2018
Abundant Thinking

With abundant thinking, we remind ourselves that we really don’t deserve anything more or better. By creating the mindset that overabundance is nice, but at the same token understanding you already have what you need, you will eliminate the stress of trying to obtain the overabundance.

When that stress is removed you have a better chance of actually obtaining the things you really don’t even need and will appreciate it so much more!

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Sunday, April 15 2018
The Here & Now

There is plenty happening around us that we can’t see, but this constant flow of energy affects everything we do and feel. G-d is in charge of influencing our world. But He does give us free will. On the individual level, we have the ability to influence others—by sharing our positive, sincere energy with those who need it most.

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Sunday, April 15 2018
Kindness is a Daily Requirement

Kindness is a daily requirement. It is an unlimited obligation – which means it is a lifelong daily practice and is manifested in the act of giving. This manifestation expands across a wide area of our lives and relationships. It creates the desire to give charity, love, and respect, regardless of the other person’s situation.

Want to live a better life? Make an effort to be compassionate. Do so not just by giving charity, but by giving of yourself, your love, and your labor.

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Sunday, April 15 2018
The Great Balancing Act

Talk about the benefits of breathing, meditation, and how mindfulness can help you see problems through a new lens. Not only are breathing exercises great for your mental health and overall happiness; they can improve your physical well-being as well.

But what’s the ultimate goal of working these healthy habits into your daily routine? Why choose this route over, say, indulging in a few glasses of wine after a tough day or taking out your frustration on a punching bag? The answer: balance.

By creating balance in your body, you can improve natural functions, optimize healing, and focus your energy on positive thoughts and actions that lead to long-term wellness.

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Sunday, April 15 2018
The Breath Of Life

Everything I practice comes from real-world experience. In my line of work, people are going through hardship. So, I need to be able to deal with their stress and mine on a daily basis. Breathing and meditating helps me calm down. 

Once you make it a habit, this calm can extend past that one moment. You can begin making things happen. You’ve become strong enough to turn the brain chatter on and off.  

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Sunday, April 15 2018
Making Healthy Choices Doesn't Have To Be Stressful

Some stresses in life we can’t avoid. Sometimes, we will be stuck in traffic or be forced to deal with toxic people—but why add extra, unnecessary stress? If we can steer clear of the extra stresses, we will be healthier and happier. 

It is my suggestion that people evaluate their own lives, pinpoint what causes their stress and initiate solutions in order to relieve anxiety which will lead to an overall happy and healthier life. Here’s to staying happy, healthy, and stress-free!.

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Tuesday, April 10 2018
When You Do the Math - Dieting Can be as Easy as 1-2-3!

A lot of us get hung up on weight loss. We spend years and years trying different diets, tactics, and vitamins and psyche ourselves out when we don’t see results. But oftentimes we overthink things and just get stuck trying to change too much of our lives.

When it comes down to it, weight loss is a matter of adjusting your eating habits. That’s it! You don’t have to change your entire life in the process. When you think of it as a simple math equation, you can start to see the process in a more positive way.

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Tuesday, April 10 2018
Establishing A New Health Standard

You can eat a salad for lunch and feel like you’re doing the right thing, but then you throw in processed chicken, turkey, or tuna and top it off with 700 calories of dressing, and that skews results. Sure, the salad was a good idea, and you may feel better because you think you’re eating well, but it won’t help you reach your desired health or weight any faster.

The paradigm needs shifting. The problem is that many people want to make healthy decisions, but they aren’t equipped with the knowledge to do so. As consumers, we can try to educate ourselves, but there also needs to be someone to help us make decisions. What do you base your purchases on?


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