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Case of studies

A Closer Look at One Healer’s Unique and Powerful Modality


I think most energy healing and Reiki practitioners are used to people not being familiar with what we do. We’re a minority; we don’t over advertise our services or accept insurance the same way doctors do. Many people are unaware of the power of energy based healing because it hasn’t been shared with them. And that’s okay—it doesn’t make what we do any less powerful. It actually has the opposite effect!


In the same way, I believe many people (including healers) are unaware of or surprised by my unique healing modality the first time they are exposed to it. With knowledge comes understanding and with understanding comes peace, that’s why I’d like to walk you through a recent experience I had with a client.


An Unexpected Client 


The 89-year-old father of a friend of mine fell on his head and injured his shoulder. Doctors told this man he did not require surgery, he just had a bad fall, andprescribe him some painkillers. His son, aware that I am a natural born healer, had his father reach out to me. The only thing the father knew about me was that I’m a good person who could help him. And that’s all he needed to know. When you trust someone that trust itself is healing. You feel safe, comforted. It’s like a security blanket. So before meeting, the healing began. 


When he arrived at my home, I greeted him with a big smile and showered him with sincere compliments. told him he was a strong guy and explained to him the mechanics behind trauma, all while using a nice tone with soft vocal cords and gentle touch. Again, even before beginning the healing session, I was already very effective at making him feel better. It’s amazing what a few kind and truthful words can do. 


The Real Work Begins  


Part of my modality is awakening my own energy first. The man, who has never seen anything like this before, watched as I did a handstand, chin stand, headstand, forearm stand, and locust pose. 


As it was a brief session, I only went through a fewposes. For the first, I had the man sit in a high chair. I put my hand on his injured left shoulder and he put his hand on my right shoulder, so my arm was on his right shoulder and we were cupping rotator cuffs. As we were doing this, I balanced on my right leg and had my left leg parallel to the ground with my foot shooting out backwards. I was exerting energy to balance and focus, and I used that to promote and direct energy in a three-way direction. Energy was zooming from my elevated foot to my hands down to my standing foot (and back and forth). The energy was zooming in a T-shape but not escaping, it was circulating and staying within.  


My energy was so active that the client told me my hand felt like a heating pad. I let him feel my other hand, which was cool to touch. For a person that knew nothing about this type of healing technique, he felt something tangible and physical that made him feel better. 


The Energy Lock and the Breath of Life


After that, I stood in front of him and he put his left hand on my right shoulder and I put my right hand on his left shoulder, and our arms, fingers, and palms rested upon each other. I could lean backwards and he would keep me from falling. I like to call this the Energy Lock. We did this pose for a period of 10 cycles of a breathing exercise I taught him called the Breath of Life. For the Breath of Life, you inhale through the nose for five seconds, hold for five seconds, then exhale slowly out through the mouth for eight seconds. At this point he was completely relaxed. In fact, he seemed almost euphoric and told me he felt something rushing through my hand.


Directing Energy Through a Spinal Twist


I then went behind him and shifted his body to the right so the back of the chair no longer supported him. I draped my right leg over his left shoulder and I let the area behind my knee rest perfectly on his injured rotator cuff. I proceeded to squeeze gently by directing the heel of my foot closer to his arm. I putthe heel of my foot right in the crease of his hip, placed my foot on his thigh, and rested both of my hands on the top of his head—so my body was in a full spinal twist. People who practice yoga understand the value of a spinal twist. We breathed together and I directed energy into the right place. I work much like a wrestler who grapples their opponentbut I like to think I can grapple you with love. 


Surprising Results 


At this point I asked the man to move his arm, but told him to take a detour from the pain when he felt it. He did this 10 times. On the 11th time, I told him not to move away from the pain—but he told me that was impossible as there was no pain! I explained to him you can work on an injury to make sure you keep that area alive, as long as you don’t go overboard and damage any healing that has taken place. 


I believe we accelerated this man’s healing capabilities by 3000% or more. If I was able to work on him before his fall, I don’t think he would have hurt himself as badly as he did. I encouraged the man not to take the painkillers his doctor’s prescribed (and to consult with his family about the decision) and sent him away with another big hug and a wave. 


In addition to awakening my own energy, working in various positions, and my healing touch, I made sure the entire interaction from the moment he came was a positive one. From greeting him with a smile and a compliment to sending him away with a wave and a hug, I made sure the process was focused on making this man feel great. And it really worked! It’s amazing what you can do when you incorporate the physical, spiritual, and mental aspect of healing. It’s unique, surprising, and unorthodox—but so are the results.  

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