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Introducing Norman Balassiano

Betsy Bragg is thrilled to announce Norman Balassiano as her successor as Executive Director of Optimum Health Solution. Norman started out as an Investment Banker at Gruntal & Co. on Wall Street and then founded Priceclick, a web development business. At the same time he founded iGadget a high tech Gadget manufacturing company. In 2005 he founded Angels of Debt eliminating the debt of tens of thousands. In 2015 he founded Angels of Health based on Hippocrates and also became among the first US advanced Bio-Well practitioners. He lives in Brooklyn, NY and is happily married with 6 wonderful children. Betsy is delighted to continue teaching Eat to Thrive in Waltham and now will also teach Eat to Thrive in New York.


Biowell scans all 10 of your fingers and renders an extraordinary report based on Chinese medicine - corresponding Meridians,  and even ones state of balance “chakra”

Biowell is approved as a medical device in Europe but only has approval as a wellness device in the USA.  More than 20 years of clinical studies with 1000’s of patients.

Spreading Wellness Through Education

Almost 18 months ago, I brought eight people to Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida for a two-week wellness excursion. I didn’t know it then, but this is where my journey to finding my life’s purpose began.

 Helping to lead and coach my peers, I discovered my mission to educate people about wellness to help them lead healthy lives as well as reverse and prevent diseases.

But my journey was just beginning. This summer, I was fortunate enough to spend nine weeks at the Hippocrates Health Institute, learning from wellness experts and discovering new ways to live and teach healthy, plant-based lifestyles. It was an intensive program, and one that was incredibly rewarding thanks to being mentored by Brian Clement, the head of the institute.

I learned a lot about wellness and about myself in during those weeks, and by the time graduation rolled around, I understood my life’s mission: to spread wellness and prevent obesity and lifestyle-related diseases throughout my community with the help of the institute. And I am doing this through education.

Backed by a Team of Proven Experts

The program helped catalyze a lot of progress for me. After speaking at graduation, I had the opportunity to meet and connect with the extraordinary Betsy Bragg. A veteran in the wellness industry, she is the designer of the amazing Eat to Thrive program and has spent her career helping people live lives of wellness. Betsy passed the torch onto me and asked me to take her place as the executive director of Optimum Health Solution, guiding me as my educational consultant. 

The organization aims to prevent obesity and disease by educating and advocating for healthy living. Eat to Thrive helps teach people how to eat well and nourish their body and soul. We will be assessing people’s homes for toxins, remove them, and provide concrete next steps with regard to food and toxicity. . 

I’m now the executive director of this exemplary non-profit organization, helping to educate a wider range of people on the importance of wellness, starting with children. And with our connection to Hippocrates Health Institute, I believe we can have a real and lasting impact on many people. Formed over 50 years ago, the Hippocrates Health Institute’s creation was inspired by the ideas of Hippocrates, the father of medicine. Within the institute, everyone is united by a shared goal: to foster a life of wellness through counseling, expert guidance, and healthy meals.

One of the greatest assets we can use to help our community is the invaluable expertise of Brian Clement. An industry legend, Brian has revolutionized wellness through the Institute and also serves on the board of Optimum Health Solution. Using the power of his experience and knowledge, I believe we have the potential to help a lot of people in our community.

Teaching Wellness from the Ground Up

Helping people live lives of wellness starts with educating them. I’m giving people in our community the resources they need to learn and understand healthy choices. For starters, I’m going back to my education at Hippocrates Health Institute and giving this invaluable experience to the people. My plans are to open up support centers starting in New York and New Jersey (and maybe someday worldwide!), for people to come and learn wellness from the ground up.

The rigidity of a plant-based raw diet is not for everyone—and that’s okay. We are helping anyone and everyone in our community who comes to us, regardless of their lifestyle. Even if you don’t go fully plant-based or raw, there are ways to optimize your wellness with simple lifestyle changes. Diets, supplements, exercise, even simple changes like turning off your cell phone can make a difference. That’s what we’re teaching.

Living healthy isn’t easy, and it’s something that even I struggle with every day. Who doesn’t love sweets! But having the support of the Institute, and the people who believe in our mission, is something that has impacted my life for the better—and I want to give that experience to others.

 A Lifetime of Learning

My career has taken me down many paths. Starting on Wall Street as an investment banker, I developed the business acumen to become a successful entrepreneur. My company, Angels of Debt, has helped countless people eliminate debt. 

In 2016, I launched Angels of Health to help provide people with knowledge to help heal themselves through the powers of proper exercise and nutrition. I’m now a certified Hippocrates Health Institute health educator, a position I am very proud to hold. Everything I do and have done is thanks to the love and support of my extraordinary wife. My wife, six kids, and two grandchildren keep me motivated to push myself to do better and live a long and healthy life.

Thanks to them, I’m continually trying to learn, adapt, and better myself and the people around me. As executive director of Optimum Health Solution, I am committed to researching every modality and every way to optimize health and am working hand in hand with physicians and hospitals.

I have become the only person in South Brooklyn certified in Bio-Well technology, a machine used to measure a person’s energetic wellness. What I do is measure wellness through light energy that fills the body, tracking just how much brightness your body is giving off. That way, I can tell effectiveness of certain healthy choices, supplements, essential oils, and anything else, and tell people how to live better.

Wellness and improving your life have no end point. They take a lifelong commitment to being better—and continued education and support. I want to help children by offering our study materials and kid’s recipe books to schools to help them understand how to make healthy choices from a young age. Every time someone graduates from our program, we welcome them to open their own center and spread more wellness. It’s an endless chain of accelerating healing and health 

At the end of the day, our mission at Optimum Health Solution is to prevent obesity, chronic disease, and malnutrition through the education and advocacy of healthy living. But of course, we can’t do this alone. Many people have stepped up, but two, in particular, are very dear people to me, David and Gladys Sutton. I want to thank them for their commitment to wellness 

We welcome anyone with a passion for wellness and the shared belief that lifestyle changes can make a difference. And we welcome those who want to make a change for themselves or their loved ones. To join our mission by donating or volunteering to this non-profit organization, or to get started, please visit Thank you and G-d bless.


Norman Balassiano, HHI-HED, CMA
Angels of Health Studios. 
1994 Coney Island Ave
Suite 200
Brooklyn NY 11223
O 718-247-9576
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Join EAT TO THRIVE class

How it Works

    • Classes: February 4 - April 8 2019
    • Course Length: 10 weeks
    • Average Class Size: 12 students
    • You Will Get: FREE Bio-Well pre and post evaluations, (valued at $175 each), 30 class hours, outstanding lecturers, individualized exercise & nutrition program, 386 page manual, 27 DVDs to watch, 10 laminated guides, sprouting kits, PH strips, Perfect Pickler, Nutmilk bag and  phone support.

You Will Learn

    • The health benefits of plant-based foods
    • How to prepare quick, simple, and delicious vegan recipes on a budget
    • To identify where to purchase fresh, organic, and equitable produce
    • How to create a weekly menu and shopping list that is both healthy and tasty
    • The nutritional benefits of eating organically and locally
    • Why and how to sprout and pickle
    • About our digestive and immune systems and their vital role in wellbeing
    • The importance of detoxing and supplementation and how to do it
    • How to be mindful and its transformative effects
    • How to follow your food plan when eating out and traveling


 What to Expect Each Class

  • Mindfulness
  • Hands-on preparation of a delectable 5 course meal
  • Sharing of success and challenges with group support
  • Power-point review of DVDs seen at home
  • A Guest lecturer

Enroll Now If You're

  • seeking to improve your wellbeing,
  • wanting a supportive, local vegan community,
  • Interested in earning a health educator certificate to teach this curriculum to adults or children

Read testimonials from our graduates here.



By supporting Optimum Health Solution you can help us to improve the health destiny of our children.


Or, by sending a check payable to

Angels of Health
1994 Coney Island Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11223

Or by calling us at 718-208-5061

With your support, we completed a successful Somerville teacher training program and now are raising funds for inner-city Boston programs.

Thanks to the support of our generous donors, Carlos received the gift of health. Your donation can help kids like Carlos improve their nutrition—giving them the gift of a healthy future.

Thank You,

Norman Balassiano, M.Ed., M.A
Executive Director

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Eat to Thrive: 10 Weeks to Life Long Healthy Habits and Healthy Living

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See what people are saying about us


Strengthened my administrative organizational skills, focusing on tasks such as email correspondence, newsletter editing, and maintaining social networks. Introduced me to educational health standards in regards to writing lesson plans for Real Kids Real Food Introduced me to healthier lifestyle

Sarah Steinberg

The Eat to Thrive 10 week course has been interesting, thought provoking, and insightful on many levels. Eating a whole foods, plant-based, unprocessed diet and living with gratitude and mindfulness are key to gaining optimal health. Your class demonstrated that very thoroughly through the many personal testimonials and videos. Betsy has been an utter joy, an ideal role model for turning one's life around, and a patient teacher.

Sadie DiSimone

"Improved administrative organizational skills, time-management, and planning .Introduced me to professional website editing. Strengthened newsletter edits. Introduced me to the necessary skills needed to maintain and run a professional business. Introduced me to an alternative vegan diet that provides multiple health benefits"

Samantha Finnegan

What Betsy Bragg has done for the future of our children and essentially our planet is beyond words. She has created a connection with our youth through practical and simple ideas that unite families and empower immune systems. The end result is joy, vitality, and a growing respect for all life"

Brian Clement

Every week was exciting for me; I thoroughly enjoyed reading Betsy's Eat to Thrive book, learning new concepts, tasting new recipes, and listening to amazing guest speakers that were educational, insightful and fascinating.I plan to teach my own class as a health educator in the future and I feel as though I have the education and skills to do this now. I really enjoyed meeting new people that I feel so close to, and I feel as though doors have opened up for me because of this amazing opportunity. I am committed to nourishing my body, mind and spirit and to help others do the same"

Julianna Burke

Introduced me to the vegan & vegetarian world and the health benefits that come from it Showed me the in's and out's of a non-profit and all of the hard work that goes into running a business Improved my time management, communication, and organizational skills Enhanced my writing skills through writing the teacher and family tips for the Real Kids Real Food book Developed strong sincere relationships with my supervisor and team members

Kara Lakin

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