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Angels of Health
A life long energetic transformation.

Based on the world famous Hippocrates Health Institute life transformation program, this book is a comprehensive, inspirational and educational guide for anyone seeking a holistic sensible approach to a living -food diet and lifestyle.

Learn about your mind-body connection, find easy-to-follow steps for a cleansing and nourishing your body and soul, and be inspired to develop daily routines that nurture your path to personal empowerment. Explore various holistic approaches to healing and mastering your destiny while learning the basics of setting up your living food kitchen, the A-B-C's of sprouting and the optimal benefits of an alkaline and enzime-rich diet.

With over 50 recipes included, this is an all-encompassing resourse for optimal healthy living. The authors' love and encouragement shines throughout as they inspire you to join the thousands of others who have embraced living foods diets and holistic approches to healing. 

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