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Angels of Health
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Coaching Sessions:

Through our unique private coaching sessions, we have the ability to deep dive into one’s personal history and find the root cause of ailments.  We look at many different areas of wellness such as sleep, hygiene, nutrition, toxic environments, relationships, stress and anything else that may be causing distress on the body.  As we reduce bodily stress inflammation begins to dissipate and weight loss can be achieved.  We have the option to meet weekly or bi- monthly as well as contact through email, texting and phone conversations as often as needed.


Detailed Recap of Each Session:
After each session you will receive a full recap of what was spoken about along with action steps to help move forward.  We can work as quickly or as slowly as you would like.  The pace is set based on your specific needs.


Doctor Recommended Meal Plan:

We provide a three-week plant-based meal plan as well as an extensive amount of raw and cooked recipes to help cleanse the palate and begin the healing process.  We offer culinary workshops teaching many tricks to help prepare healthy, tasteful five course meals.  We cover many areas of the culinary field such as the art of chopping, dry sautéing, using spices to enhance flavors without the addition of much salt or oil.  We will also cover techniques on how to create the perfect smoothie, salad dressings, dehydrating and much more.

Relaxation Routines & Personalized Stress Reduction Techniques

Stress is the number one source of dis-ease in the body, therefore we dive into stress management techniques to help relieve some of that tension immediately and continue using these simple strategies on a daily basis.  During our one-on-one sessions we will discover the unique needs of each person and develop a custom designed program.  We may work on breathing exercises to promote the sympathetic nervous system response in the body or communication techniques to enhance our mood during the day among many others


Concierge service:

We offer a couple of different options for grocery shopping and menu planning.
We can clean out your pantry and refrigerator and take you to the supermarket to teach you to buy your own groceries and maintain your own healthy kitchen.  For others, we can discuss the menu and shop for your weekly needs.  During this process you will learn how to read labels and select the healthiest and tastiest ingredients to bring into your home.  We will also discuss what to order in restaurants.

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