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Angels of Health
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Instagram review, C.B.
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"Love the room. Great space.  Welcoming set up. Healing vibe.  Mural really great.Felt very relaxed after the session. Great heat coming off your hands. Solid trust level, able to relax into it. A few moments when I had an internal reaction…… throat area, toes, left hip joint. All in all, I think it's a great start. Next time we meet, I'd like to give you a session so you can get a feel for my energy and style."


Instagram review, Toby Moses.
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"That morning when I saw Norman I wasn’t feeling too well I had a major migraine I felt stressed and had too much thoughts running through my mind. Norman noticed something was off so he offered to do a session on me, I’m very new to this so I had no idea what to expect. During the session Norman kept his eyes closed and I felt some sort of an energy that I can’t explain, I started to feel better. The session went on for about a half hour. My migraine went away I was able to focus well it was just incredible. Norman you are definitely gifted. Thank you for the advice you have given me something I needed to hear, I really appreciate what you have done for me Thank you!"

Instagram revision, Rose
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I slept ate like I never ate LOL TY TY TY 💙💙💙 Where and how did you learn how to do what you do?? Truly Amazing!
How did you ignite an appetite I lost two years ago. 
Truly Miraculous!!!!"

Instagram review, Wendy
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"I have been so blown away by my experience with your work on Wednesday. I am still speechless as you have shifted my way of thinking. 
I have to adopt one thing at a time. I have turned off the media. And keeping positive thoughts and actions on any conflict I was experiencing in my life. Anyway I will write more by email on my experience for your notes."

Instagram Review, J. Cohen
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"I feel GREAT!!
Sailed through the day yesterday (no nausea), handled the steering wheel easier than I did getting to you, felt happy and well rested all day!
You are a success!!"

Instagram review
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"Hey Norm,
I’m feeling pretty good so far. Thank you again for yesterday. I’m definitely feeling calmer since then. 
Thank you so much :)
I never met someone so nice and caring honestly lol. 
I rlly appreciate you do it’s amazing."

Instagram review
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"Hi Norman,
I was deeply relaxed on the table and, after our meeting, I felt energized by your touch. 
On the bus ride home, I felt a slight crick in my neck but it quickly resolved. Thank you for explaining the sensory purification program by sharing your first-hand experiences and your knowledge-based practices. It was easy to relate to you as as both a healer and deep thinker on several levels, and your passion and commitment were palpable. I do, greatly appreciate the professionalism and sincerity that informs your work. It is evident that you are a dedicated and skillful healer who easily engages with clients and who has a high regard for restoring their health and vitality. 
Thank you again for the opportunity to meet with you. ​ ✫¸ ღ ☾ `• ღ`°♫ • ​☾`*`"

Instagram review, M.E.
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"Hi. Hope alls well , I sent you a short Facebook note , I’m not Sure if its anything to post . But I do see the potential for what your doing . Norman I was very moved by my experience with you and your dedication , talent , and faith . It was very rewarding and thought provoking . Thank you so much ." 

Instagram review, Janet S. Dwek
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"Very long day.. I'm still processing the amazing work.. it all felt surreal .. I will be in touch with my feedback .. thoughts and questions. 
AgAin so humbled and grateful for your time .. and your incredulous work .. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Apologies for not having more relaxed time. Hoping we can meet again on a day that we don't feel obligations pulling us. 
Have a beautiful night 🌟🌟"

Audio reviews from great people

" I feel good, I feel full, I have no craving. This is unbelievable. This is a miracle."


Reviews from Hippocrates Health Institute & Beyond


“As the numbers on the scale kept creeping up, my morale and confidence were dropping. I got off to a rocky start, but Norman’s guidance and encouragement helped me lose a significant amount of weight—and shifted my attitude. I now think carefully about everything I eat and believe I can continue my weight-loss journey successfully.”

“Norman’s service was priceless: he counseled us and helped acclimate us into our program, using his past experiences to connect with us on a personal level.”
-T., [age]

“Step by step, I couldn’t have done it without Norman.”
-E., [age]

As I dealt with you in the past I find out that you know too much , that knowledge is because you have no limits on yourself ,and that why you always trying to do 120% perfect even though you capabilities (for example ) is only 80%!!
You inside power it's the same as, high level of Kabbalistic .
That's why I believe in you when you getting into that power you can do much much more than any normal standard human being”
-R.M., [age]

“The constant encouragement and advice was invaluable to my experience.”

“Norman not only helped make my journey successful—he made it enjoyable. His personal support and encouragement led me to stick with the program and reach a level of wellness I never thought I could.”
-R., [age]

“I was totally overwhelmed at first, but having an entire group of people support me made all the difference. Also, Norman’s guidance on exercise scheduling, clean eating, and doctor’s appointments supplemented the classes to make my experience inspiring.”
-R., [age]

“Norman guided me to make the best choices in eating and pushed me to participate in exercise classes I would’ve otherwise missed out on. It was a gift from G-d, and I value the knowledge and relationships I gained.”
-D., [age]

“At 84 years old, I never thought I’d get past my vertigo. But Norman believed he could awaken the energy in my body to clear whatever blockage was causing the dizziness. After a few days of personalized Reiki treatments, I’m now able to do balancing exercises—and I feel 84 going on 24!”
-[Name], 84


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