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Norman Balassiano, 53, HED-CMA

Norman Balassiano, 53, HED-CMA

A true entrepreneur, Norman opened his first business venture at only 12 years old. He was leaps and bounds ahead of his peers. Graduating from John Dewey High School he wasted no time and majored in Business at Kingsborough College.

He began his career on Wallstreet, as an Investment Banker at Gruntal & Co. His first big break came when he opened a day trading firm in 1992. Working side by side with the father of day-trading, Harvey Houtkin. Realizing the beginning of the DOTCOM era and using his entrepreneurial instincts, Mr. Balassiano founded Harvey Houtkin bought out the day trading venture and Mr. Balassiano poured his energy into Priceclick, which focused on on-line shopping. With in two short years his company exceeded $25 million in revenue annually. He didn’t stop there however, he also established, becoming a conglomerate for all types of gadgets. In the late 1990’s an alliance was formed with Haier America.

The next four years he was able to travel, learn and contemplate on what to do next, in his already incredibly successful life. His travels took him far and wide, and he realized that he needed to not only make money but make a difference. As Henry Ford once said, “A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.” Norman wanted to make a difference. He became a certified arbitrator and mediator, which tremendously helped his next business plan.

In 2004 he founded Angels of Debt, helping thousands of businesses and consumers deal with unimaginable debt and financial woes, especially through the 2006 recession. The stress of such work took a toll on Mr. Balassiano’s health and he knew he had to do even more. In 2009 he traveled to Palm Beach, Fl and enrolled into one of the most world-renowned institutes at the time, Hippocrates Health Institute. Dr. Brian Clement became his mentor and became a catalyst for his renewed dedication to leading a healthy life, balancing stress and understanding the bio-energy field of the human body and soul. Mind, body and soul, became the underlying principle of all future endeavors for Norman.

Completing 1000’s of hours of yoga instruction, he became the top Yoga instructor of his class at Kripalu’s Center for Yoga and Health and a little later he received a certification in Silver Yoga, working with seniors with major and minor injuries, again, being the top of his class. In 2015 he lay the foundation for Angels of Health, which focuses on energy healing and mindfulness, combined with exercise and proper nutrition. However, it wasn’t until 2016 that Angels of Health rose from the ashes, like a phoenix.

In 2016, being in the best shape of his life Norman had a near-death experience that would change everything. With only a 6-hour window for a successful outcome, Norman survived a perforated ulcer. 10 days in the hospital and 8 months in recovery showed him the connection between mind, body and spirit. He went on to develop a system using technology from Russia and Germany. A system that measures the energetic health of an individual with the technology to treat and watch real time changes in health, even predicting potential diseases in the future. He became an expert with this technology and added reiki, becoming a reiki master, while successfully helping people in iridology, reflexology, acupressure and energy clearing body work.

His combined education and certifications earned him the experience to work on the most complex cases in the holistic world of health care. He now treats patients from all over the world and even remotely.

In 2018 he completed a 9-week health educator program at Hippocrates Health Institute and shortly became the Executive Director of a non-profit organization named Optimum Health Solution, a company where he combines all his knowledge and expertise. He co-authored a 500-page textbook and recipe book. 

He also introduced a Program: Angels of Heath, 10-week life transformation program. His technology can measure the energy of just about anything a room, people, animals, environment, water, food and more. Technology can even measure the energy of human beings and the effect they have on the health of other human beings.

Norman Balassiano is now poised to make a real breakthrough in the way we monitor and improve our health. Cost being substantially lower than any other method and very high success rate. World renowned Dr Brian Clement remains on the board of directors of his company. 

In addition, he spent many months in Russia exploring energy-based technology for healing. He learned from world famous Dr. Konsintine Korotov of BioWell and holds advanced certifications in the use of this device. Receiving tutelage from Dr Silvia Binder of the Binder Health Institute in Germany with a certification in the use of a one of a kind device, the Ondamed, is used to awaken the body’s ability to heal and even promote anti-aging. With incredible success in all his endeavors it is only a matter of time until he makes even more progress and takes another step in making a real difference in the field of health.

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